Ikon performs Cinex, an innovative international company in forniture and materials.

In 1988 César Cini assembles a small team and starts manufacturing, in Bento Gonçalves, the first aluminum-and-glass doors. Before that, he had worked a few years in Italy with noble Brazilian woods and brought the Italian furniture industry accessories to Brazil.

Cinex established in 2008 in the city of Treviso, an Innovation and Development Laboratory. Cinex Lab Italia is the result of the strong Italian roots maintained over the years. Through this cultural exchange, internationally awarded and recognized products were created. Towards its 20 years of life, Cinex currently has more than 20 employees – a young and motivated team. Innovation is the theme of each day.


Production: Ikon
Director: Gianni Antoniali/Ikon
Art Direction: Claudio Baptistelli Novaes
Concept and copywriting: Ana Augusta Rocha
Production Manager: Franco Mattiussi/Ikon
Storyboard and screenplay: Matteo Masin/Nudesignmovies
Set Dresser: Claudia Sani/Ikon
Set Decoration: Gruppozerodesign, NYC
Product Assembling Supervisor: Abel Giordani
Camera Operator: Michele Codarin/Quasar multimedia, Gianni Antoniali, Luigi Zanferrari/Ikon, Matteo Masin/Nudesignmovies
Light & Grip: Michele Traina/4frame
Photography: Gianni Antoniali/Ikon
Photography Assistant: Luigi Zanferrari/Ikon
Editor: Michele Codarin/Quasar multimedia
Colorist: Ernesto Zanotti/Playpics
Location: The standard East Village, NYC
Model: Elena Santamatilde/Majormodel


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