In 2015, Cinex returned to Italy for creating new products, and they revealed the little-known Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.

Pietrasanta is the land of art and artists. In a scenery of marble mountains and neighbor to Carrara, which was chosen by Michelangelo to make his sculptures. Since then, for nearly 500 years, it has been the city chosen by artists from around the world to sculpt their works in marble and bronze.

It was in Pietrasanta, in the midst of foundries (fonderie) and marble ateliers (laboratori), assisted by local and international artists that were there, when Cinex with Ikon productions created a very special campaign featuring products even more special.
View Pietrasanta and the 2016-2017 collection that bears its name.

Production: Ikon
Director: Gianni Antoniali/Ikon
Production Manager: Franco Mattiussi/Ikon
Set Dresser: Claudia Sani/Ikon
Camera Operator: Michele Codarin/Quasar multimedia, Gianni Antoniali, Luigi Zanferrari/Ikon, Matteo Masin/Nudesignmovies
Photography: Gianni Antoniali/Ikon
Photography Assistant: Luigi Zanferrari/Ikon
Editor: Michele Codarin/Quasar multimedia