In this 2nd episode, iKon, Franke and the Michelin 7-star awarded Italian chef lands in the Mancha region, where they will meet Spanish colors, scents and sounds!
What will be happen this time with Bruno?
Ikon interprets Franke, a partnership based on shared passion for cooking, the pursuit of excellence and professionalism.


Production: ikon
Director: Gianni Antoniali/ikon
Production Manager: Andrea Badin/Quasar Multimedia
RED unit director: Michele Codarin/Quasar Multimedia
Camera operator: Marijana Brajkovic
Photography assistant: Luigi Zanferrari/ikon
DIT: Ambra Marchetto/Quasar multimedia
Color grading: Gianni Antoniali/ikon
Editor: Andrea Guarascio/4frame
Sound design&recording: Antonio Petris
Styling: Claudia Sani
Production assistant: Pilar Vila Piqueras

Bruno Barbieri on the set.