Welcome to Casa Cinex

Cinex and Ikon Productions give life to the Casa Cinex project in Bento Gonçalves. Here, on a cliff that celebrates the beauty of Serra Gaúcha, Casa Cinex sits as a synthesis of what has driven this brand in its 20 years.


Bruno Barbieri & Franke, Ep. II

In this 2nd episode, iKon, Franke and the Michelin 7-star awarded Italian chef lands in the Mancha region, where they will meet Spanish colors, scents and sounds!
What will be happen this time with Bruno?


Ikon - franke Smart collection

Franke Smart Collection

A really modern line, outside the box. Beautiful as love in a house by the sea.
Ikon plays Franke Smart Line.
A new production summer 2016


Cinex Pietrasanta

Cinex Pietrasanta 2016

In 2015, Cinex returned to Italy for creating new products, and they revealed the little-known Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.


Poltrona Frau Dezza Ikon

Poltrona Frau Dezza in Venice

For its new campaign, Poltrona Frau has chosen some of the ancient palaces, vast dwellings and historic rooms that make up the extensive heritage of Italian art: Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice for “Dezza”.