At the essence of identity.

Ikon shapes beauty: it senses and captures feelings, expresses the essence of dreams through light and colour, allowing people to really live them every day. Aesthetic personalities inclined to beauty, experimenters and great researchers are the people who make the Ikon team.

A production company out of the ordinary, where profound photography experts have given a hint of magic to the video industry: more customized and expansive photo shoots and videos done simultaneously to perfectly complete the identity of the brands.

Simultaneous production of photos and videos is one of the secret ingredients that enhance dramatically the communication impact of the product, while streamlining resources.

A philosophy based on emotion, able to shake and astound, leaving ample space to discovery and new incentives.

Our projects are always unique, recognized by their extraordinary quality and awe allowing any fragment to be seen.

The emotions we create first of all come from a skilful use of the best industry technology standards, for an uncompromising quality. The team use a cutting edge technological equipment: Red® Cameras @8K video quality – Hasselblad® Cameras equipped with 100 MegaPixels.


We improved ourselves year by year to give you simply perfect pictures and videos.
We love to follow our production from the brief to the print or export with the best partners you can find.

Our mission and your wish is quality and beauty overall.

If you are looking for a different vision,

you'll love our work.

Photo services

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs…”

–Ansel Adams

Photographs that become poems: alternating rhymes through calibrated contrasts, rhyming couplets when perfect natural light lies in the shapes, chained rhymes to connect vision to message.

Ikon has decades long experience in working with famous international brands creating large and small poetry. They have believed and shared the visions of our team and they were heard.
Together, this way we create the emotions.

We focus on

interior photography  //  lifestyle photography  //  architectural photography  //  landscape photography
corporate image  // product and commercials


“A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper.”

–Stanley Kubrick

Everything stems from the photo: a perfect mastery of rules of composition is essential to break the patterns and create new emotional languages. Freedom of accuracy, research through experimentation, astonishment in everyday life.

The expert use of framing, light and the final touches of cinematic colour grading & LUTs is what sets Ikon and makes us a production company different from the others.

We focus on

commercial videos  // corporate identity videos  // interior design videos
lifestyle videos  //  fashion videos