“Team 7 produces every natural wood panel for our furniture ourselves in our board factory.
Each sass is perfectly coordinated to the corresponding need and is enormously stable. At the same time we take meticulous care to produce with the highest quality. And yet we have never built two furniture pieces that are the same – because no two trees are the same.”

Ikon tells this story with an engaging video that focuses on the people, love for life and passion for wood.



Unit production manager: Andrea Badin
Production: ikon
Director: Gianni Antoniali/ikon
Production coordination: Sara Nadalutti/Publimarket2
Production Manager: Franco Mattiussi/ikon
DOP: Gianni Antoniali/ikon
DOP Assistant: Matteo Scala/ikon
RED unit director: Michele Codarin /Quasar multimedia
Gaffer: Michele Traina/4frame
Best Boy: Elis Pantarotto
Camera operator: Marijana Brajkovic
DIT: Ambra Marchetto/Quasar multimedia
Sound design: Francesco Morosini/A_lab
Music: Francesco Contadini/Supersonic Studio

Image production by iKon
Photography set: Nicola Picogna/ikon
Photography set assistant: Luigi Zanferrari/ikon

“Painting with wood.”

– Team7